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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Ahti (Entity A-001 by the FBC) is a major character in the Remedy Connected Universe. A mysterious paranatural entity, Ahti serves as the "janitor" of the Oldest House. Assuming the appearance of an older Finnish man, Ahti appeared without explanation in the Oldest House and has subsequently roamed the building as its "cleaner", while being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Control. He performs tasks that seem menial but are vital to the safety of people within and constantly instructs Jesse Faden to help him. His origins and significance have been investigated by the FBC, to no avail. Following the Hiss invasion of 2019, Ahti vacationed to Watery, Washington where he resided in the Valhalla Nursing Home. It is there where he assists Alan Wake and Saga Anderson on their journey.


Ahti (designated Entity A-001 by the Federal Bureau of Control) is a powerful paranatural entity and serves as the janitor of the Oldest House. Although initially appearing to do mundane janitorial tasks, Ahti is crucial for the safety of those within the Oldest House. The Bureau has been unsuccessful in uncovering Ahti's true origins and significance.


In Control, Ahti aids Jesse Faden during the Hiss invasion of the Oldest House. He serves as a guide, offering assistance and tools to overcome obstacles like the Ashtray Maze. Ahti showcases paranatural abilities, including telepathy, the capacity to appear anywhere, and resistance to the Hiss without protection. For further details on Ahti's background and contributions during the events of Control, additional information can be found here.

During the AWE Expansion, Ahti assigns Jesse three janitorial tasks in the Investigations Sector as part of the "Another Fine Mess" side missions. If Jesse completes all three tasks, she receives a postcard reading "Greetings from Watery, WA. America's Little Finland" and showing Ahti outside a cabin.

Alan Wake 2[]

Ahti first appears in the Dark Place with Alan Wake following an interview with Warlin Door on In Between With Mr. Door. Ahti calls Alan "Tom" and assists him in directing Alan to retrieve the Angel Lamp from the basement. Alan's next encounters Ahti after the conclusion of the musical. Ahti will be singing along to Herald of Darkness while moping the main studio floor. Alan's last encounter with Ahti is during Alan's last time inside the Talk Show Studio. Ahti will be inside the same janitor closet from the first encounter. This time, Ahti will remind "Tom" to retrieve his artist wife's light pictures from the shoebox in the basement.

In reality, Ahti appears to be on vacation in Bright Falls and Watery, residing in the Valhalla Nursing Home. When FBI Agent Saga Anderson arrives to Watery, she sees him singing karaoke to Yötön Yö in Suomi Hall. Saga meets Ahti later that night at the Valhalla Nursing Home as she visits her grandfather, Tor Anderson. He directs Saga to the basement to restore the lights. If Saga attempts to enter the door marked with a spiral, Ahti will appear behind Saga and warn her against entering the room, which leads to Alan's Writer's Room.

Ahti's final appearance is inside the Dark Place version Valhalla Nursing Home, which Alan visits after returning to the Dark Place. He'll let Alan inside the room marked with a spiral.

Finnish Dialogue and Translations[]

Ahti's dialogue switches between Finnish and English. Here are the translations to English, with help from Reddit User Tomtomi[1]. Note, some are more approximate translations as the literal translation or phrasing doesn't match the meaning.

Chapter Finnish (Original) English (Translation)
Late Night Ah, (no niin) there you are, Tom. Ah, (well then) there you are, Tom.
(No totta helvetissä). Of course, Tom. (Sure as hell). Of course, Tom.
(No joo, mutta katopa kun) a man’s a man but a man with a tool makes two, Tom. (Well yes, but see) a man’s a man but a man with a tool makes two, Tom.
(Eikö niin)? (Right)?
We Sing My Swedish brothers, (perkele).[a] My Swedish brothers, (damn).[a]
(Ai et nyt on kyllä joo).[b] (Yeah, now that was something).[b]
(Laittoi pojat jenkkakoneet soimaan, saatana).[c] (The boys put on the dancing machine, damn).[c]
Masks (Jumalauta), that held you close, Tom. (Goddamn), that held you close, Tom.
(Ei muuta kun) onwards, said the granny to the snow. (Nothing to it but) onwards, said the granny to the snow.
(Perkele! Sehän olisikin). (Damn, now that would have been something).
You asked me to make sure you won’t forget the… (mikä se valokuva oli) light pictures, the photos your artist wife took.[d] You asked me to make sure you won’t forget the… (what was the light picture) light pictures, the photos your artist wife took.[d]
Old Gods (No eipä siinä). Name what make the man worse, even a Swedish name. (No matter). Name what makes the man worse, even a Swedish name.
My pals, the (perkeleen) Vikings, (perkele).[a] My pals, the (damn) Vikings, (damn).[a]
(Minäkö)? No no. (Perkele, saatana, en ollu en). Not so much sweet that it fills the whole stomach.[a],[b] (Me)? No no. (Damn, no I wasn't). Not so much sweet that it fills the whole stomach.[a],[b]
  • [a] "Perkele" lit. translation is "The Devil", and is a Finnish curse word
  • [b] A colloquial expression of contentment. The meaning usually changes on context and delivery.
  • [c] "Saatana" lit. translation is "Satan", and is a Finnish curse word
  • [d] "Valo" means light, and "kuva" means picture; Ahti is lamenting what "valokuva" is in English


  • Ahti's name derives from a Finnish pagan god, who acted as the God of the Waters.
  • When asked about leaving The Dark Place, Ahti responds, "It’s not easy to get out. But don’t you worry, Tom, the home is still there, where the heart is. I often think about it when I mop the floor and look into the puddle."
    • Switching Saga and Alan is done by finding a janitor mop and bucket in a Break Room, and staring into the puddle.



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