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Absence Of Creativity is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is an episode of the television series of Night Springs.


A woman named Martha answers the door for her friend, Lydia, and hurries her into the basement, insisting that there is something strange taking place there. As the two women enter the basement, they are greeted by the sight of what appears to be a whirling vortex, which Martha found earlier in the morning. As they wonder what it could be, a man appears in front on the void. The women inquire as to the man's purpose, wondering if he is the one responsible for the hole. The man explains that in reality he created everything except the strange void, with his actual intention being to add something strange for the two women to find, but was unable to think of anything, having run into a case of writer's block. While the women suggest to just ignore it, the man opposes, claiming that, if it is not already a plot hole, it could soon become one, and tells the women to return upstairs for a cup of coffee while he tries to figure out what to do. As the women leave, the man wonders if it would be better to just end the story there.


Night Springs Narrator: Are we men dreaming of being butterflies, or butterflies that dream of being men? Such philosophical concerns are, by necessity, abstract - and yet some of us can find concrete proof of the nature of our existence... in Night Springs. Tonight's episode: "An Absence of Creativity".

[Martha rushes through her house to open the front door to her friend, Lydia]

Lydia: Hello Martha. What did you want to show me?

Martha: Oh, Lydia! Thank God you're here. Please, it's in the basement.

[Martha guides Lydia through the house before arriving to the basement; once there, Martha points out at something]

Lydia: Ohh, Martha! Oh, that's amazing.

[the two women stand in front of a vortex on the wall]

Martha: Isn't it just? I found it here this morning.

Lydia: It's like it isn't there, but... oh, I can't look straight at it!

Storyteller: Yes, ah, I'm sorry about that.

[a man appears in front of the vortex)

Martha: Oh! Who - how did you get here?

Storyteller: Well, I'm trying to work.

Martha: Did you put this thing here?

Storyteller: In a way. To be more precise, I put everything here but that.

Lydia: Really? But what is it?

Storyteller: Oh... I guess the temptation is to call it a hole, but it's really an... absence. A profound lack of reality.

Lydia: In Martha's basement?!

Storyteller: Yes. I was doing so well, too! I came up with two old ladies, and put something really weird in the basement. It was a great start. But I'm completely blocked now. I can't imagine what I was up to.

Martha: Well, surely it's just an ordinary basement!

Storyteller: Is it? Why did you call your friend here, then?

Martha: Well... I don't know...

Storyteller: Oh, well.

Lydia: Couldn't you just ignore it?

Storyteller: Oh, no, I couldn't do that. It would probably turn into a plot hole. Might be one already. Could sink the whole enterprise.

Lydia: Oh, my.

Storyteller: Listen, ladies, not to be rude, but I'm really not at all sure where I'm going with this, and you're just not helping. You should just go back upstairs for a cup of coffee while I try to figure out what I'm up to.

Martha: Well... if you think that's best...

[The two women begin to head back upstairs]

Storyteller: Maybe... maybe I should just stop here. Or is that too moronic?

Night Springs Narrator: Is that too moronic, indeed! Who can tell? It's a fine line between the stupid and the sublime... in Night Springs.


The television holding this collectible can be found inside the second control booth of the L.t. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge.


  • The man struggling with writer's block mirrors Alan Wake's own situation.