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A Conversation About Love is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is one of the episodes of Pat Maine's radio show.


Pat Maine: Welcome back to KBF-FM; hope you enjoyed that tune. Now, Doc, you were talking about life and finding that special someone, that soul mate...

Nelson: Well, you were talking about that. I was saying I don't buy it!

Pat Maine: Well, see, to me, that's strange, because I always pegged you as a hopeless romantic.

Nelson: Heh! You got me there, Pat. But I think love's where you look for it. And you need to do a lot of looking, sure. But the idea that there's that one special person out there for you, and if you miss that chance, it's gone forever and you're forever incomplete... I mean, isn't that depressing? Or, heck, childish, even? There's plenty of fish in the sea.

Pat Maine: And apparently, a fisherman has a fishing analogy for everything. But what you're saying, isn't that a little harsh?

Nelson: Well, no! What I am saying is that your potential for finding that connection isn't limited to what's essentially a chance encounter. How's that harsh?

Pat Maine: Yeah, well. I guess that's a nice thought. But let me say something personal here...

Nelson: Okay...?

Pat Maine: Now, well, I... I don't disagree with you, exactly, but I can't really fit that together with what I feel, what I -- what I felt for someone. Because -- she was the one. She was. And she -- I let her drift away from me. Maybe I didn't put in the work, I don't know, but... well, since then -- and it was a long time ago, but... but since then, there hasn't been anyone. Not like her. And I'm not saying I dwell on her, or haven't moved on. I like my life. I'm not living in the past. But I do miss the way she... completed me.

Nelson: You can't argue with the heart, Pat.

Pat Maine: I'm sorry, folks. I had kind of a scary experience last night, and let's just say it's shaken a few things loose.


The radio holding this collectible can be found inside the ranger station located above the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum.